You Get Wiser About Dating when You Get Older

I really did not date much in college because I wanted to focus on school. And when I finally did start dating someone and had a long-term relationship with him, he ended up dumping me when I was not very interested in getting intimate with me. It really hurt my feelings that someone would do that. Later, when I got out of school, I ended up buying some sex toys so that I could learn how not to be so shy for future dating relationships. It worked.

I am not looking to have intimacy with everyone that I date. IN fact, I have no real interest, except for what I hope is a future marriage. My main goal is to meet as many as possible and find the person who will be best for me as a partner for life. I was always someone who has been very independent, and I do not want to spend my time in an unhappy marriage with the wrong person. I know that many people learn that they really did not know who they were looking for until they got much older and learned what the right traits to look for in a spouse.

When I did date as a younger person, I would often say “yes” to a date simply because a person asked me to go out to dinner or a movie. I had not yet learned the subtle art of saying “no” when you don’t really care to date that person. I have no idea why it took me so long to figure out how to say it. I guess that I did not really want to hurt people, and because I did not go out much, I figured I should not miss any opportunities. Now I am much more choosy, and that turns out to work out well.

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