Working on Some Home Automation Features for the House

I am trying to figure out what makes sense before I get in too deep on this. This is the sort of thing where you can really get in over your head if you are not taking good care of accounting. I have been working on some home automation features for the house. The primary objective is to make something which helps me save energy and by save energy I really mean save money. ADT and the Cable company will sell you similar types of things and there is not much reason that you can not do it your own self if you think it through. All that you need is available off the shelf, or in reality off of the internet. I have a smaller house, big enough for a small family and it has a new natural gas heating system which does a great job of heating up the place when it is cold. In reality that is extremely affordable since Natural Gas has become very cheap compared to other sources. The air conditioning is a lot more of an issue. The thing I want is a system which tells the home the systems in the house when I am home and also when I am going to be back. If I am at work I do not really need the house to be a perfect temperature. I do want it to be nice and cozy by the time I walk through the door. Obviously it should be able to track me either by following my car or my phone. It should be very simple to do that, your phone is going to know exactly where it is all of the time and there is not any reason it can not share that piece of information with your house.

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