Why Land Surveying Is Important Before Pledging As Mortgage

When a plot of land’s deed is bought or sold, the seller informs the buyer of the land’s boundaries. Surveys are important for several reasons, though surveys help real estate agents and private buyers make solid decisions about the properties they buy. Maps of plots of land can’t be drawn by just anybody, either – only licensed, certified surveyors can create maps of land and have them legally recognized as having worth. Outside of business transactions, are there any other reasons why plots of land are surveyed?

Governments are Interested in the Uses of Land

Local, state, and national governments are equally interested in knowing how lands under their respective jurisdictions are being used. For example, a property that was formerly used for farmland may have been converted into a residential housing complex. Governments are interested in such changes so they can report accurate statistics, determine if plots of land are being used legally, and plan land or infrastructure development proceedings appropriately.

Property Surveys Inform Land Owners of Legal Mandates

Assume you own a piece a property that runs adjacent to a public access road. Someone owns a plot of land behind your property but has no access to the road because you blocked that access. Rather than being forced to trespass or fly helicopters to bypass your land, that person seeks help from law enforcement to inform you of the easement. That person could also take you to court and seek damages.

Environmental Protection

Some areas of land and bodies of water are federally protected, meaning heavy fines and penalties are imposed if those plots of land and water are illegally crossed, home to illegal wildlife hunting, home to people destroying endangered species’ habitats, or otherwise encroached upon. Current surveys act as the go-to guides for landowners, accurately and effectively informing them of what they can and cannot do. As you now know, land surveying has several important uses. Believe it or not, surveys have more uses not listed here than the three items included here. Lastly, never take on surveying yourself – always trust a real-deal land surveyor pasco county fl.

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