My 80-year-old Relative Knew Which Company Would Be Best for Us

When my wife’s mother began having trouble taking care of herself due to age recently, my wife and I told her mom that we wanted her to come live with us. She is the sweetest senior lady around, and she loves to play simple games online with her other senior friends. Card games are her favorite. She asked if we have Internet, and we don’t. So, she told asked if we would mind checking to see if we have Frontier in Muskegon where we live. She said their prices are some of the lowest around.

I could not help but to be tickled to learn that an 80 year old woman knows exactly which company is the one to look at when it comes to Internet. My wife and I are both in our sixties and we had no clue at all. But we promised her that we would look into it and let her know. No matter what, we promised her that we would get service so that she could continue to chat and play games with her online friends. It is just nice that she still likes to stay involved and meets fun people online who keep her engaged with happy conversation time.

My wife was in charge of doing the work of finding an Internet provider who is affordable. She went ahead and contacted the company that her mom told her about to get some prices. She then called some other places in the area, and none of them could beat the prices of the company that my mother-in-law suggested to us. We decided to get set up with them. We even found a promo code online to help get an even bigger discount on the set up costs. It turned out to be much more affordable than we assumed it would be.

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