Moving out on Our Own for the First Time at Creeks on Kirk

We moved to the nice apartments at Creeks on Kirk after we got married. We got married while still in college. We were both still living at our parent’s homes when we got married. Our first night not living in the homes where we grew up was our wedding night we spent in our new apartment. We put off the honeymoon for three months so we could get settled into our new home. It was great! There was not one downside to our new apartment living. We had everything we wanted without the responsibility of maintenance that would come if we had chosen to get a mortgage instead of living in an apartment.

We really like our place. We set it up before we got married. We picked out every piece of furniture and arranged every spot where things would go on our own. Housewarming gifts, bridal shower gifts and wedding gifts pretty much furnished our new place. We did not have to put out any money except for the furniture. Even some of that was given to us brand new as gifts. I must say that we were really honored by friends and family in what they did for us to get us set up in our new place. We had about 40 people over for the housewarming.

We used the common areas open to all residents when the housewarming party guests showed up. Everyone got to see the apartment, but an apartment is not big enough to accommodate 40 guests. This place is really nice in that we could entertain our guests making use of the common space open to residents. We invited some of our neighbors to join us too. I think more things like this should be celebrated. It is how things used to be. You got to know your neighbors and your family supported you when you moved out on your own.

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