Changing the Locks on Our New House

My husband and I had been looking for a home to buy for nearly a year and a half. We definitely wanted to move, but we were not in such a hurry that we were willing to settle. We knew that as soon as we saw the house we were meant to have that we would know. And, that is exactly what happened! We were out for a country drive and found a home for sale that we fell in love with. Upon purchasing it, the first thing we did was look into local locksmiths.

While the elderly couple who had lived there for the last 40 years seemed extremely trustworthy, we had no idea how many keys they had given out over the years. They have seven children and 19 grandchildren, and we knew the potential for at least a fraction of them having a spare key was high. We wanted to have new locks put on all the doors and windows before we moved in, which is why we wanted a locksmith there as quickly as possible once the financial aspects of purchasing the house was completed.

My husband scoured the Internet to find the locksmith that he felt the most comfortable with, which did not take long. There are a lot of locksmiths in the area, but he was able to dismiss the majority of them for one reason or another. The locksmith that he did choose was able to go out to the house and install new locks everywhere one was needed, and we moved in less than a week later. We absolutely love our new home, and we are so happy that we had the patience to wait for it. We are also grateful that the locksmith was able to install the new locks as quickly as he did so we could start the next chapter in our lives.

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