Getting a Mortgage for the People Who Build Homes

I have built houses for other people. When I was in school for carpentry, I worked on building a modular home right on the school’s property. It was the second thing I built as part of my formal education. I have had my own business as a contractor making home repairs and improvements for a few years now. However, when it came time for me to get my own mortgage, my job was actually a problem. I had to go to to get help getting a mortgage for my wife and I to buy our first home.

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When you work for yourself, you do not have standard pay stubs. Your taxes are based on a Schedule C profit and loss statement for your business. Lots of banks want you to be an established employee with a company. They seem to be scared if you are your own business owner. I think my income profile is more reliable than many employees. I have to rely on myself and not the hourly pay of an employer. I have to make sure I can generate income year round. Layoffs, slowdowns and wage cutbacks are not an option. I still need to pay my bills regardless of the market. If you are an employee, you are at the mercy of your employer. You could go to work one day to find the doors permanently shut. I have heard of it happening. I think my work as a self-employed business owner is more secure, but the banks must not see it that way.

Well, I did find one place that helped us get a mortgage based on my business and income history. The site helped us to figure out how much we could borrow and how to get a mortgage even though I was a contractor that was involved in the business of building and renovating homes for others.

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The Aftermath of a Termite Attack

The last thing I ever thought I would see is termites in NYC. Given how many bed bug outbreaks there have been in the past couple of years, I thought my home would have been more likely to get those. I should be glad that I got termites instead of bed bugs, but the only consolation I got from a situation like this is that they’re not feeding on my blood and spreading disease. Termites are still a nuisance that will grow out of control if they are left unchecked. I tried to get rid of them on my own, but my efforts had no effect.

I purchased some insecticides from the store in an attempt to get rid of the termites, but they continued to thrive as if nothing happened. The insecticides became stronger, but apparently so did the termites. I became so desperate that I began sucking up the termites with a vacuum cleaner. I realized that my battle against them was pointless, as they were clearly the victors. I put in a call to a special set of troops to help me win the war against the termites: the exterminators. The exterminators were able to come on the same day I made the call.

After examining how much damage had been done by the termites, the exterminators sprayed my home with an insecticide that was much stronger than what I had been using. I left home for a day while the insecticide did its work. The exterminators also put down insecticides around the perimeter to prevent any future termites from coming back. As for the damage that had been done by the termites, I had to call a carpenter to fix that. The termites had been centralized in one part of the home, so the damage wasn’t randomly spread.

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Working on Some Home Automation Features for the House

I am trying to figure out what makes sense before I get in too deep on this. This is the sort of thing where you can really get in over your head if you are not taking good care of accounting. I have been working on some home automation features for the house. The primary objective is to make something which helps me save energy and by save energy I really mean save money. ADT and the Cable company will sell you similar types of things and there is not much reason that you can not do it your own self if you think it through. All that you need is available off the shelf, or in reality off of the internet. I have a smaller house, big enough for a small family and it has a new natural gas heating system which does a great job of heating up the place when it is cold. In reality that is extremely affordable since Natural Gas has become very cheap compared to other sources. The air conditioning is a lot more of an issue. The thing I want is a system which tells the home the systems in the house when I am home and also when I am going to be back. If I am at work I do not really need the house to be a perfect temperature. I do want it to be nice and cozy by the time I walk through the door. Obviously it should be able to track me either by following my car or my phone. It should be very simple to do that, your phone is going to know exactly where it is all of the time and there is not any reason it can not share that piece of information with your house.

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