Reading the Gift Between the Lines

Gift giving is never easy. With Christmas already knocking at the door it’s time for another month or two of anxiety and stress as we scramble about buying one another gifts. As people, we’re amazing at giving gifts. It really is easy to give something to someone that we know well. Receiving them becomes harder and buying them for those we care for but wanting to give the perfect gift becomes even harder when we want to convey the right sort of message through it. For my mom I bought curly clip in hair extensions since she’s all about wigs and the like these days.

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It’s amazing how much energy and thought that we put into a gift. Trying to say the right thing through a gift becomes an exercise in social engineering as we hope the other person is able to understand what the gift means. We take something a distill it into a message for the person. It’s like when you buy a gift for an ex partner; you want to ensure that the gift is conveyed in a friendly manner without it suggesting anything romantic. With those that we care and love, we want the message to be more intimate and not something simple that we would give to a friend.

Gift giving and receiving then becomes a social hazard of sorts for those that are not very good at subtleties. It’s something that I struggle with myself as I love being able to give people exactly what they want and have only just learned to understand that sometimes a gift can be taken in a manner it was not given. It remains baffling to me that we put so much energy into reading between the lines but since humans see communication in all things, it’s not too surprising.

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I Promised My Wife a New Kitchen

My wife wanted to redo the kitchen when we first bought our house nearly 12 years ago. It was functional, but it was also very ugly. The farmer who had built his own cabinets did not care about matching colors or materials, and it was just an eyesore. Unfortunately, we were not able to do it because we had some unexpected financial issues come up. I was able to paint the cupboards, but it was not until just a few months ago that I was able to hire a company that does kitchen remodeling in Bergen County NJ.

We had just paid off the mortgage on the house as well as wrapped up a few other loans, so we were finally able to do a few things that we had been putting off. The first thing I did was look online at different kitchen remodeling companies. I knew that my wife was not too concerned about getting her new kitchen, but it was a promise I had been making for nearly a dozen years. I wanted her to have the kitchen of her dreams, and that is exactly what she got too.

The contractor was able to gut the entire kitchen since there was not really one nice thing about it. She wanted a modern look, and that meant creating something beautiful out of nothing at all. The remodeling crew had their work cut out for them, but they delivered in a fast manner. She finally has her cupboards, granite counter tops, the island that she always wanted, and new appliances to boot. She is happiest with the new dishwasher since it was the one thing she missed the most. I have to admit, the kitchen looks amazing, and I can see why it is now her favorite room in the whole house.

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